Why Outsourcing to Albania?

Why Outsourcing to Albania?

TIRANA, November 7

As Peter Drucker says: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”
Where? This depends on many factors, but here you can find the reason why Albania, maybe you never heard about it, can be the best market for outsources services. Located in the Mediterranean region, Albania could represent a hot destination for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large companies. The IT and software development market in Albania expanded significantly during the last decade and is expected to increase soon. The presence of more software companies will create a competitive environment and a thriving market as well.


The potential of Albania’s Business Process Outsourcing Industry was initially noticed by Italian companies that started outsourcing their services over 17 years ago. Currently, the BPO industry employs over 35,000 professionals working for more than 400 international companies. Tirana, Durres, Shkodra, and Vlora are the main centers for BPO services in Albania. The sectors serve mostly the Italian, British, French, Spanish, Germany, Austria, and Swiss markets.
Some famous companies that outsourced their services to Albania are Apple, eBay, Barclays, Air France, Alitalia, Adidas, etc.
The industries served by the Albania Outsourcing Industry include:
IT and software development
Banking, Financial, and insurance
Healthcare and pharma
Energy and utilities
Travel and accommodation
Telecom, media, and entertainment
Retail and e-commerce

Meanwhile, the KPO subset of outsourcing serves the following operations:

Data Analytics
Market research
Healthcare research
Finance and accounting
Information Technology
Accounts payable audit support
Human Resources
IT staffing
Digital marketing
Legal services

KPO is a global trend that is bridging an existing gap between the traditional BPO and exceptional employment opportunities for experts. Like customer support, KPO will soon become an essential element for business growth and scale. It brings together advanced technology and skills for a fast-growing business is competitive markets. On the other hand, it generates satisfying job opportunities and large networks of talent supply, nearshore, or offshore. If you’re searching for a KPO partner or destination somewhere in the European market, take a look at Albania. Maybe you have visited the small country in the Mediterranean with beautiful beaches, or maybe this is the first time that you hear about it. Albania is a well-established BPO destination, for Italian, French, and German companies. Local KPOs specialize in legal, financial and accounting, HR, and IT services.

Albania’s Strengths

Multilingual capabilities & young population
Stable & one of the fastest-growing Europe economies
One of the least expensive across European Countries
One of the most easily accessible countries in southeast Europe
Among the most economical nearshore BPO destinations


Albania can be a “partner” nearshoring destination for more matured locations
Given its multilingual capabilities, it can focus on exporting BPO voice and non-voice services to other countries such as Germany, France, and the UK
To take advantage of the present finance and accounting talent, the service providers can focus on exporting more transactional processes such as F&A
The country also has the budding export capability in digital processes such as block-chain technologies

Source: Establishing a strong BPO industry in Albania

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