What Skills Are Needed to Work in BPO/KPOs?

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) are both subsets of the outsourcing industry that benefit both sides involved in the contracting process.
Both BPOs and KPOs flourished in countries with young, well-educated, and multilingual population. Even though the level of expertise required by each of them vary from basic computing knowledge to advanced technical and analytical skills. KPO services make it possible that every company can make advanced technology part of its practices. Therefore, businesses opt for KPO in cases when they lack or can’t find the skilled experts in-house. They also do it when those experts bring reduced costs with them. Knowing is owning, so let’s go for KPO.

KPO services
Data Analytics
Market research
Healthcare research
Finance and accounting
Information Technology
Accounts payable audit support
Human Resources
IT staffing
Digital marketing

Skills needed
In order to have a satisfying performance on tasks related to the above-mentioned services, people in KPO are expected to have a specific set of skills.
Quality metrics and tools
Good communication
Project management
Process consulting experience
Administration experience
Training experience or HR degree
Statistical expertise
Raw data analyzing and processing

Healthcare specialists and health administration
People with an education in marketing, IT, finance, HR, engineering, communication, etc.

KPO Roles
Lean consultant
Kaizen promotion officer
Quality manager
Six Sigma and process re-engineering expert
Administration expert
Continuous improvement specialists
VBA Excel macro developer
Technical Recruiter
Copy editor
Financial controller
Expense performance manager
QA/QC expert/ manager
Medical billing
Medicament marketing

KPO is a global trend that is bridging an existing gap between the traditional BPO and exceptional employment opportunities for experts. Like customer support, KPO will soon become an essential element for business growth and scale. It brings together advanced technology and skills for a fast-growing business is competitive markets. On the other hand, it generates satisfying job opportunities and large networks of talent supply, nearshore or offshore. If you’re searching for a KPO partner or destination somewhere in the European market, take a look to Albania. Maybe you have visited the small country in the Mediterranean with beautiful beaches, or maybe this is the first time that you hear about it. Albania is a well-established BPO destination, for Italian, French, and German companies. Local KPOs specialize in legal, financial and accounting, HR, and IT services.