The most successful managers and entrepreneurs believe that if someone is able to know the key sectors that are the appropriate place to invest in and if they study carefully the market conditions of a country, they will succeed in every country they will invest in. Below we have listed some of the main sectors that could be profitable for any domestic or foreign investor.

Food industry

Albania has still a small amount of food processing factories and the main food products are imported  from other countries. The Albanian market has a high demand for such products and the perspective offers many opportunities for investors because the demand for food products it will always remain high. A good marketing (that will cost you less in Albania that any other country) and a high product quality, will make you a successful investor, no matter how much capital you put in it at first.

Factories for export purposes

Why search for employees in China or else where, when you may find them in the middle of Europe, and you can pay them as much as you pay someone in China, Taiwan or Cambodia? In this way, you have reduced shipping costs, traveling costs… in other words, a lot of money! You may establish your company’s branch in Albania, find your employees (the easiest thing, taking into account the high number of unemployed persons in country.


Domestic and foreign investments are widespread in Albania in the tourism sector. In every city you may see a new building under construction. Various transportation ideas, different kind of sports and entertainment, restaurants or night clubs in touristic places would be a great idea to invest in, because the number of visitors and tourists that come to Albania is growing every day, taking into account that the country is lately called “Europe’s last secret”. Albania welcomed around 4,2 million visitors in 2012, mostly from neighbouring countries and the European Union. In 2011, Albania was listed as the top travel destination worldwide, by lonely planet.

IT world

There are still so many career opportunities in the online market that aren’t yet known or undiscovered for Albanians, such as online secretary or other client services. The increase of the use of debit and credit cards by Albanians and the new attractive internet era, have pointed out the high number of online buyings in Albania. This process has just started and its in his first steps. A business in such a sectory should be opened immediately in country. There exist unlimited opportunities in online market and Albania as a new entry in this “new world” offers great chances for IT entrepreneurs to get rich and to be successful in a short time.

Invest in real estate

If you don’t want to open a company or Albania doesn’t offer what you are seeking for, there is still an open door for you as a potential investor: buy a piece of land! Albania offers great opportunities in the land market because it has a huge unused land and it is offered in cheap prices by its owners. Land it is considered to be a very important asset, whose value will never fall in a developing country. It is expected that in a near future the value of Albania’s land will increase and if you buy some land today, in a few years you may sell it in a much higher price than the one you will buy it today.