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Breaking Down the ‘Virtual Assistant’

Question: What’s a virtual assistant? Would you need one? What tasks can you outsource to your VA?
Answer: You can outsource almost every business operation to a VA, especially one´s which don´t require a lot of experience.

If you’re looking for answers, you may be needing one.
A virtual assistant helps your business and doesn’t let you get burned out.

If you ask others business-people that hired a virtual assistant about their experience, they mostly say, I regret I didn’t do it earlier.

How does a VA help your business grow?

The virtual helper makes it possible for your startup or organization to achieve success by hiring more talented people and paying less at the same time.

Why should you hire one?

Because there’s no need to be a superhero while you don’t have superpowers. Any enterprise will need a wide set of skills that span from social media management to accounting and boring finance-related tasks. No one has the time and knowledge to do all things. It’s great to learn but can you afford it. Sometimes is more effective to let someone else with the skills and knowledge that you lack.

Which services to outsource to a virtual assistant?

You can make a list of business process that includes tasks that you don’t like to do or know how to do, and focus your own time on the important things.

Next step’s
When you’re done, make another list of things that you should do, things that really serve the core functions of your business.
When you make those points clear to yourself, you can start searching for your virtual assistant.

Beat the struggle and the entrepreneurial stress and use your valuable time for tasks that motivate you and feed your entrepreneurial mojo. If you don’t know what task to outsource first, take a look at this list of suggestions.

Social media management
Setting up social media accounts, posting, scheduling, moderating and replying to comments, engaging and growing the audience, planning, and managing campaigns, interact with followers

Measure analytics
Define metrics, data analysis, and define metrics, creating reports

Manage your website
Produce or publish content, moderate and reply to comments on your blog, share blog posts in social media accounts, promote the blog in online forums

Your Personal Management
Manage emails, calendars, agenda, research, travel, hotel and flight planning, and arrangements

Organizing data
Creating PowerPoint presentations, reports, documents, spreadsheets, PDF

Administration tasks
Reception, recruitment, project management, sending invoices

SEO Services
Keyword research
On-page/off-page optimization
Landing page creation
Link building
Site analysis

Data Entry

Calendar management


Hotel and Flight Booking
Let your assistant find the cheapest or shortest route and plan your upcoming trip.

Proofreading / Translations


Inventory management

Transcribe podcasts, audio, video or voicemails

Creating and sharing basic reports on a regular basis


Email Management & Filtering


Blog management

Helpdesk / Support-Tickets

Database building / Data mining
E.g. find prospects for your CRM

Basic Bookkeeping & Sending invoices

Project Management

Manage Social Media Accounts
E.g. Manage your YouTube C hannel, moderate your comments, …

More specialized skill sets include graphic and web designing, web development, mobile development, and many other services which can help free up your time.

For most people, a versatile virtual assistant with good organization & analytical skills is a good choice.