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View of Valbona

Hiking in the Valbona and Theth region – Photo Source: YouTube: Alesha and Jarryd

Walking holidays are the right way to creating unique authentic experiences in Albania.
There’s too much to say about hiking opportunities in Albania, but the most important thing is that you’ll have the trails for yourself. Albania is one of the best destinations for nature lovers, according to National Geographic. There are hiking trips of every length and difficulty through incredibly varied landscapes. Albanians love to explore their country and are taking seriously the existing trails, while many others are being mapped and signed. Guides take groups of Albanian and international citizens on the day, weekend, and multi-day trips across the country. Trekking in the great outdoors is the alternative to traditional beach vacations on the coast of the Ionian and Adriatic seas. Hiking in Albania is a large topic but it can be narrowed down to specific categories according to geographical, cultural, and historical elements. Given the strategic location in the Balkan region, backpackers, solo and group travelers that pass through Albania take the chance to explore the little-known inland and look for authentic experiences.

For hikers interested in hiking in Albania here is the list of trails according to regions

The Albanian Alps and multi-day hikes

via dinarica

Valbona Pass

It’s when you see the Albanian Alps that you’ll understand why they are called ‘The Accursed Mountains’. The trip to the Northern Alps runs through Komani Lake, the best boat trip in Albania and one of the most fascinating in Europe. Valbona National Park is a must-see place and from there you can walk Valbona Pass from the valley to Theth. This walk is a small section of ‘The Peaks of the Balkans’ route that walks across Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro. Valbona Pass is not a difficult walk and it can be completed by people of different ages.

The Peaks of the Balkans

Sports activities bring people and countries together and hiking cannot be excluded. The Peaks of the Balkans is a multi-day circuit about 200 km long. It can be completed in no more than 12 days. It’s a lifetime experience.
A mountain walking trip “Around the peaks of the Balkans”

Via Dinarica

This one is for the bravest due to its length of over 2,000km. Via Dinarica crosses eight different countries in the Balkans from Slovenia to Macedonia. It is divided into 120 sections and traverses the Dinaric Alps and Sharr Mountain Range. This long distance walk that promotes responsible tourism across the Western Balkans is also a cultural corridor. It takes 70 to 90 days to complete the walk.

New Long Distance Hiking Route Connects the Western Balkans from Slovenia to Macedonia

Short hiking trips in the Northern Alps include routes to natural monuments such as waterfalls, caves and mountain peaks. Areas to explore: Curraj I Eperm, Lekbibaj, Vrane, Dragobi, Qerec, Lekbibaj, Vermosh, Lepusha, anyplace in Kelmend region, Gjallica Mountain in Kukes

What to do in Kukes? Hike in Gjallica Mountain

High-Scardus Trail

From the mountain peaks of Shari to the Coast of Prespa Lake, avid hikers have n the chance to walk a new hiking route that spans over 495 km. Adventure-seekers that want to explore the Balkans while walking long, long ways can now hit the High Scardus Trail. This newly marked trail spans in the mountainous areas between Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

Short walks near Tirana

Gamti mountain hiking
Hiking Gamti Mountain – Marlind Parllaku
  • Fagu Mountain from Kllojka, a three-hour walk, 4.82 km long, three hours up, two hours down
  • Snoji Mountain from Biza, moderate difficulty, 6 hours to complete
  • Biza to Labinot, moderate difficulty, four hours to complete
  • Shengjergj to Vali Cave, moderate, about three hours to complete
  • Mali me Gropa to Facesh, moderate, about six hours to complete
  • Ostrovica Peak (Elbasan), moderate, about three hours to complete
  • Qafa e Shpellezes circuit walking to shepherds settlements, moderate, five hours to complete
  • Pellumbas cave from Pellumbas Village, moderate, about 1 hour
  • Dajti Crest Trail, moderate, seven hours to complete
  • Percellesh, moderate, five hours to complete
  • Dajti Mountain Trail, easy, about three hours
  • Durisht-Petrela, moderate, 5 hours and 30 minutes
  • Gamti Mountain, moderate, about six hours
  • Tirana-Zall-Guri I Bardhe-Klos, difficult, about nine hours
  • Tujan to Dajti Loop, moderate, about seven hours
  • Zeza Canyon, easy, about two hours
  • Cyclopes eye (Hurdha e Zeze) moderate, 4 hours
  • Qafe Molle loop, moderate, three hours

Sotours app Introduces the Best Hiking Experience in Mount Dajti

Day Walking trips in  Elbasan

  • Mali i Korres circuit, moderate, seven hours
  • Polisi Mountain, moderate, five hours
  • Gaferi Peak, moderate, ten hours
  • Kamara Bridge and Via Egnatia moderate, 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Gjinar Mountain, moderate, five hours
  • Belsh lakes, moderate, three hours
  • Godolesh-Mengel, moderate, five hours
  • Sotira waterfall, easy
  • Shebenik, moderate, 6 hours
  • Maja e Zeze, moderate, three hours
  • Kabashi Cave to Ferrica Cave, easy
  • Black Lake trip Gramsh, easy
  • Valamara mountain, easy
  • Komjani Mountain, difficult, 2 hours, 30 minutes

Dibra hiking

  • Radomira – Korab Summit moderate

Berat hiking

  • Shpiragu Mountain, easy, seven hours
  • Cuka Partizan-Tomorri Mountain, difficult, six hours

Tomorri Mountain Hiking Trails Expanded and Improved

Vlora Walking Trails

New Trail Opens for Hiking in Karaburun Peninsula

karaburun hiking
Photo Credit: Krisid Misso
  • Orikum – Kepi I Gjuhezes, moderate
  • Orikum – Bristani Bay, moderate, three hours
  • Karaburun Crest, difficult, 12 hours
  • Shale-Palasa, moderate, 4 hours
  • Maja e Qorres, moderate, 4 hours
  • Cika Mountain, moderate, 5 hours
  • Llogara- Gropat e Piritirit, moderate, five hours
  • Llogara- Lek Duka- Thanasi Peak, moderate, four hours
  • Dukat – Terbac, moderate, 13 hours
  • Dhermi to Himara, moderate, 12 hours
  • Dhermi – Kondaq, moderate, one hour
  • Dhermi – Jal, moderate,7 hours
  • Dhermi – Gjipe, moderate, about two hours
  • Kudhes – Qeparo, four hours
  • Kallarat – Pilur, eight hours
  • Vagalat – Mile Mountain, easy, three hours

New mapped path for tourists along Karaburun Peninsula

Gjirokastra Hiking

  1. Cajupi Summit, moderate, nine hours
  2. Bureto Mountain, difficult, nine hours
  3. Sheper – Permet, moderate, four hours
  4. Crossing Dhmbel mountain, difficult, 12 hours
  5. Benja Thermal Springs – Lengarica Canyo,n difficult, nine hours
  6. Papingu Mountain, difficult, 24 hours

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