What to do in Kukes? Hike in Gjallica Mountain

What to do in Kukes? Hike in Gjallica Mountain

Hiking and trekking are the best way to become one with the nature and enjoy it at the most. Being a country with a mountainous relief, Albania is the paradise of hikers in Balkan. Still being considered as Europe’s last discovered gem, Albania has a lot to offer. Although it might seem dangerous (when indeed it is not) hiking in Albania will be a true adventure for you. Our suggestion for this week is Mount of Gjalica, situated in Kukes County.

Kukesi_perfshire_Gjallicen_,_Fierzen_...Photo by Aurora Doci / Wikimedia

Mount of Gjallica is the highest peak in Kukes County, exactly 2489 meters above the sea level. It is part of Korabi mountain range and is located in the northeast edge of the range, between the Kukes basin and Shishtaveci tableland.

Gjallica_ne_nje_dite_pranvere.Photo by Griselda Palushi / Wikimedia

In the peak it has a sharp ridge while its slopes are very steep and form dangerous tectonic escarpments. Gjallica Mountain rises as a giant pyramid with an altitude of 2100 meters and a base perimeter of circa 11 kilometers. About 90% of Gjallica Mountain perimeter and the surfaces of slopes can be seen from an altitude of more than 2000 meters.

Gjallica,_Kukes_prill_2015Photo by: Planeti / Wikimedia

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