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invest-in-albania.org is a nongovernmental website established voluntarily by Christian Fenner (German) and Jetlir Izairi (Albanian), founders of Manoolia.com, on June 2014 with the good aim to help Albania in attracting foreign investors and tourists.

The daily-updated website will provide for you the latest news on the Albanian economy, foreign investments, tourism, travel, lifestyle and opinions. We share the latest information regarding the Albanian economy, current developments in the fields of tourism, and foreign investments.

Being a non-governmental website, invest-in-albania.org is a reliable and transparent source of information regarding Albania. Our staff thinks reliability and transparency are key factors to start collaborating with interested investors and offering services based on these two principles. We work with our clients in person if they are in Albania and via email / phone, or video conference if necessary, with our clients who live outside of Albania.

IIA wants you to make Albania your next destination and explore an ancient country full of enthralling places and pristine nature, the unspoiled seashore of Adriatic and Ionian seas, to enjoy traditional cuisine and amaze by the hospitality of Albanians, at very low costs.

Our mission

We started IIA because of three reasons:

1st – We couldn´t find any relevant English news-source for the Albanian investment news. So we thought, not only do we not know, what´s going on, but there are others who would like to know as well.

2nd – Also we wanted to enable Albanian startups and growing companies to show their successes to an internationals audience and grab some investors’ attentions.

3rd – Lastly, we are lucky to be able to build our company Manoolia for IT and Online Marketing outsourcing in Tirana and we wanted to give something back and help Albania to succeed even more.

If you are interested in us, contact us – we´d love to hear from you!

Christian Fenner, Co-Founder of Invest-in-Albania.org
Jetlir Izairi,
Co-Founder of Invest-in-Albania.org


IIA Staff

Picture of Christian FennerChristian Fenner


Christian is a German entrepreneur who currently lives in Berlin and works as an Online Marketing Consultant. He has studied at the University of New York in New York, USA and is the co-founder of the Tirana based digital company Manoolia Sh.p.K. (inlcuding Invest in Albania project) and the founder and CEO of the Berlin based digital consulting company digitaleheimat GmbH. As the initiator of Invest in Albania (invest-in-albania.org) initiative, Christian is responsible for holding meetings with potential investors and lobbying for Albania as the right place to invest, mainly in the country where he currently lives, in Germany.


jetlir-izairi-300x210Jetlir Izairi

Co-Founder & Editor

Jetlir is an Albanian Online Entrepreneur born in Germany. At Invest-in-Albania he’s responsible for content, initiatives, and marketing. Besides, he has co-founded Manoolia in Albania. Jetlir helps kickstart and grow online platforms. He has worked for various online projects as an online marketer and SEO with over 8 years of experience. His main interests include entrepreneurial activities, and working on online projects. He can write/speak fluently in Albanian, German, and English.


vjollca iiaVjollca Shehu

Editor in Chief

Vjollca holds the position of the Editor in Chief at Invest in Albania. Graduated  in Journalism and Communication at the  University of Tirana she started her career in journalism by working Radio Tirana and Albanian Daily News as a social and culture journalist. At invest-in-albania.org Vjollca is responsible for updating the website with the latest news on several aspects as economy, tourism, lifestyle, foreign investments, ect. As an Editor in Chief, one of her primary roles is to hold meetings with potential investor which express interest to invest in Albania.


12086957_10200995214838988_228395644_n2Xheni Peza


Xheni loves marketing and creativity too in same time since she was a kid. She has studied Business-Informatics at the University of Tirana and this has made her work in both fields. She started her career as a volunteer at AIESEC organization as a Local Committee Vice President of Communication. It was a great experience that introduced her to the marketing field. Later she worked as a Marketing Manager in another company. By working in the marketing field and having studied informatics, later Xheni started working as a SEO and since that moment she continues to be an online marketing girl at Manoolia Digital Company.


We have a group of additional freelancers writing for IIA.

Guest articles are allowed if they are well-written, and fact-checked. No advertising articles!


Being a non-governmental website, invest-in-albania.org is a reliable and transparent source of information regarding Albania. Our staff thinks reliability and transparency are key factors to start collaborating with interested investors. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us

Office in Albania

Albania, Tirana
Rruga e Barrikadave,
Pallati “Delta Konstruktion” Kati 10
Kati 10

+355 69 70 78 981

Office in Germany

Uhlandstr. 137
10717 Berlin

Email: contact (at) invest-in-albania.org

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Please read carefully the below-listed frequently asked questions (FAQ) and contact us if you cannot find the information you are looking for after reading this section.

  • Who launched invest-in-albania.org?
    Please read the “About us” category if you need more information about invest-in-albania.org team.
  • If I want to invest in Albania, will your page provide the specific informations I may need?
    Yes, of course. If you show interest in coming to Albania for tourism or investment purposes, we will provide the useful information for you.
  • Can I contact you if I am currently in Albania and I am facing problems (business registration, finding employees, finding a suitable office, ect.)?
    Absolutely, yes! Invest in Albania has a wide network of collaborators that may help you in finding an office/employees or additional help.
  • If I plan to come soon to Albania but I don’t know how to find employees there, will you help me?
    Yes, we will help you by publishing the job vacancies you provide in all Albanian employment websites and at the National Employment Service.
  • When it’s the best time to make an investment in Albania?
    In every season of the year, Albania provides various opportunities for any kind of investments. During summer or winter, you may invest in entertainment services / activities or in seasonal products that people may be interested in, since in Albania the number of tourists is increasing considerably every season. Only in the last year, it is estimated that Albania welcomed more than 4 million visitors (only in the summer season).
  • Which are the best Albanian cities/places for a profitable investment?
    In Albania, the demographic shifts in the last years have increased the number of citizens in big cities such as Tirana (the capital of Albania), Durres (the biggest and the most important coastal city), Vlora (a very important coastal city with a stunning coastline), Shkoder (one of the biggest and most developed cities in northern Albania), Elbasan (a very important city in the middle of Albania). The high number of people living in these cities means that the size of the workforce is large and gives to an investor the possibility to hire the most qualified employees. In the other hand, if you decide to invest in a small city,  the workforce will be at lower cost. Another reason to invest in small cities is the low costs of transport and taxes.
  • Which kind of investments are successful in Albania?
    We have listed some of the key sectors where it is possible to invest and profit, considering that those sectors need further investments because of high consumers’ demand. Also, you may read some valid investment tips.

Here you can connect with Expats who currently live in Albania.