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Call Centers are the most preferred field in outsourced services, and obviously the most successful ones since the beginning of this phenomena. Big companies have took advantage on this department shifts from their country of origins, to the most important hosting country, with the best price bids. In addition, this is the most preferred service to go offshore because companies see the huge spending on such department as their investment blame. This sector require large numbers of employees whom together with tax payments, health insurances, wages, trainings, building expenses and technical staff to work with, it can turn into a devastating structure of the company, vis-à-vis the monetary profit it could possibly generate.

Company benefits of Call Center outsourcing services

Most of the companies need to become international with their brand development and strategy, but what they need most, through the process, is finding the target groups in potential countries. Becoming international requires a lot of effort and obviously a lot of market directives why or where to grow you next company products. Some of the main services, which turn into immediate short-run benefits for outsourcing businesses, in call center’s are:

  • Telesales and customer services 24/7 in all possible communication methods, sms, voice-calls, email, fax, online chat and telephone.
  • Retention and complaint management
  • Technical and professional support, great added value in back-office services
  • CRM integration, customer services of all possible channelsv
  • Consulting and marketing promotions through interactive communication
  • Inbound and outbound call center services

Sometimes there is a lot of confusion when we try to distinguish the possible outsourcing services from each other, because call centers, for example, can provide different services that overlap the idea of separated services of one another. Following the same logic, a marketing campaign could be developed inside a call center outsourcing company by telemarketing process, customer services department could also be developed through call centers that offer inbound and outbound services.
However, call centers are a vital decision for businesses because they can build fast, productive and cheap relationship with customers all over the world, no matter the time or the place, there is somebody who will give you the immediate support, this is the core of outsourcing services.
Language is another key factor and it makes call centers extremely efficient to provide service in all corners of the world, but most importantly, speaking their native language.
Some of the most outsourced services in outbound services are:
• Charge back handling services
• Consumer Response
• Customer Services
• Dealer Locaters and Referral Services
• Direct Mail /TV Response
• Directory inquiry services
• Email Management Services
• Help-Desk Solutions
• Inbound Tele-Sales
• Insurance claims processing services
• Job dispatch services
• Medical Call Services
• Online customer support
• Order entry services
• Payment in Online services
• Technical Information
• Product recall management
• Real-time inventory services
• Rebate processing services
• Registration of event participants & prospects
• Scheduling sales demos services
• Subscription services
• Ticketing sales services
• Toll-Free Response/Services
• Virtual Receptionist Services
• Warranty registration services
• Website Response

Call center outsource services are the most important trend in displaced companies, obtaining huge numbers of contractors and ensuring numerous real time action. Multilingual call centers helped a lot the diversification of the market and also invested their human capital in adding values for the internationalization process of country based companies.
The ability to grasp the best talents around the world is an opportunity that outsourcing companies brings in table for call centers best workforces.
Even though a lot of propaganda is done against this shift of domestic employment focus, call centers, and contact centers are on the move toward the best bid possible, with no barriers whatsoever!
It is partly true that the whole process impoverish the job rates within the company country headquarter, but in this dynamic free market economy in the end of the day, nothing counts more than economic profit, being them companies or individuals!