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What is Travel Massive Albania?

Travel Massive is an international organization with local chapters in 118 cities around the world which organize monthly or bimonthly events dedicated to connecting and networking the main actors in the travel and tourism industry of a country (travel companies, travelers, travel bloggers, photographers, travel startups, ect).


The purpose of Travel Massive Albania is to organize monthly events which will be considered as a friendly and informal meeting point for actors in the travel industry (travel companies and startups, travelers, photographers, travel bloggers / journalists / vloggers, ect).

The aim of these events will be to connect and exchange ideas, to discuss on the positive and negative sides of tourism in Albania, to promote new initiatives in this field, ect. Everyone can participate at Travel Massive Albania, since there is no participation fee applied. The first event of Travel Massive Albania was held on November 13, 2015 in Tirana capital.

 Organized by



Alketa Halilaj    TMA Chapter Leader








Fation Ceka – Community Manager 








12304146_989991581058952_4042098681388792174_oLuciana Fani   Photographer