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Good dental health is one of the best investments, and it’s worth every effort, even if it requires traveling out of the country. It’s even more worth it when dental treatments abroad are up to 80 percent more affordable than in the countries of people who seek dental care services. Those looking to reduce their dental bill know that the savings can be remarkable when opting for dental treatments abroad. Additionally, dental tourism agencies make it even easier to cut costs related to flights, transfers, accommodation, food, and other services by offering great deals on a full range of high-quality dental and medical services combined with travel packages tailored to the patient’s needs.

Dental tourism kills two birds with a stone. It cuts costs on hefty dental procedures while traveling and exploring new destinations. 

The global market value of dental tourism in 2022 is estimated at $6.7 billion. That’s an impressive figure, and the estimation gets even more impressive for 2032. In about ten years, the global market value is expected to go up to $23.4 billion. The reason behind such figures is the constantly rising prices of healthcare in countries where dental health care isn’t always free. People living in those countries often have to make difficult decisions to cut costs on routine health care. However, in the case of dental care, this can result in even costlier treatments if neglected.

Accordingly, dental tourism has become very popular in several countries that offer affordable services without compromising on quality. However, affordability depends on the patient’s location. People from the US and Canada often go down to Mexico or fly to Costa Rica. Meanwhile, people from the Middle East travel to India and Thailand, while the British and Italians prefer Hungary or Albania for a more Mediterranean vibe.

Every year, thousands of people travel abroad to have work done on their teeth. General services include oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, periodontal/gum treatment, preventive, pediatric, prosthetic dentistry, etc.

The most sought-after treatments include dental crowns, bridges and partial dentures, veneers, implants, gum contouring, teeth whitening, ceramic inlays and onlays, root canal treatment, fillings, and oral surgeries, orthodontic treatments, etc.

Why dental tourism

High-quality service 

Even though labeled as a cheap and affordable option to what some other countries can offer, dental tourism provides access to professional service, modern equipment, and state of the art clinics.

Low costs

Convenient services

The offered services are more convenient and take less time than at home. Important procedures can get done in two short visits, while back at home one might need to take time off work for multiple visits over several months.

No waiting 

Further on, there’s no waiting period. Dentists will work based on the patient’s schedule and not the other way around.

Visiting a new country

The combination of dental services with travel makes the entire process more exciting. Some of the best dental tourism destinations in the world also happen to be great tourism destinations in general. Thailand, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Albania, and The Philippines are dream destinations to many.

Why Dental Tourism in Albania?

Albania is one of the countries where medical tourism is thriving. Dental tourism was the first sub-branch of medical tourism in the country. The country gained attention because other well-established dental tourism destinations in the region, like Croatia, started charging higher rates. Moreover, Albanians living abroad make a considerable share of people coming to Albania for dental procedures. Over the years, word of mouth and professional dental tourism provides created a solid offer that caters to international patients in the EU, especially Italy and the UK.

In terms of qualifications, dentists in Albania are highly-qualified and professional. The Faculty of Dental Medicine in Albania has always attracted the best students at the national level. Furthermore, many have completed their studies abroad or participated in ongoing training out of the country. Additionally, communication is not an issue. English and Italian are commonly spoken in Albanian dental clinics.

Situated in the Mediterranean region, Albania has a lot to offer to every type of tourist. There are hundreds of kilometers of coastline as well as thousands of kilometers of hiking routes all over the county. Delicious cuisine and wine, cultural heritage, big cities, small and quiet towns, and a lot of historical sites are part of the package that can leave you open-mouthed, but with a beautiful smile.

Considering a visit, what to pay attention to?

Dentisti in Albania - Andent Clinic
Depending on your needs make sure to pick a service provider that is transparent and has a good reputation. Like everywhere in the world there can be sketchy people who can try to make a profit at other people’s expense.

No matter how affordable the package can be, it’s your money and has to be spent wisely.

Always check the public reviews on service providers or contact them if you have specific questions.