Hiking Trails in Albania where to Escape the Crowds

Hiking Trails in Albania where to Escape the Crowds

TIRANA, March 19

Active Traveler, a website that guides adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts to the next active vacations shares a story about hiking trips in Albania. The article Escape the crowds: Hiking in Albania suggests locations in the southern and northern parts of the country.

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The story starts with Nivica Canyon, by the village with the same name in Kurveleshi highlands in south Albania. As the article highlights, the area is relatively unknown. Spring is the best time of the year for exploring hiking trails in remote Albania.

Nivica is part of an ambitious project that aims at attracting international tourists to the remote villages of Kurvelesh area. This area of Albania offers the combination that every adventure-seeker, tired from overcrowded trails, is looking for.

Previously, expeditions of professional canyon explorers from Slovenia, Canyoning Slovenia Cult had the opportunity to travel through Nivica Canyon. The place is a guaranteed adventure. A tour through this canyon includes waterfall abseiling, canyon hiking, and swimming.

“With tourism still relatively new and anxious to please, I was blown away by the warmth of the welcome (Albanians have been called the friendliest people in Europe), the clean and cozy room, spotless bathroom and 4-course dinner and I haven’t even mentioned the magnificent view just a few steps away. If you’re lucky you might even spot an Egyptian vulture, one of their few resting places in Europe,” Petra Shepherd says for Active Traveler.

The second recommendation for avid hikers is Valbona-Thethi pass. Differently, from Nivica, the Albanian Alps are well-known even among international visitors.

“There’s no doubting Theth’s stunning location; the traditional houses with their wooden tiled roofs surrounded by impressive limestone peaks such as the Radohima and Harapi. It’s worth staying here for an additional day’s trekking to see The Blood Feud Tower, the Grunas waterfall and The Blue Eye before heading back to Shkodra,” Petra suggest the readers.

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Source: Active Traveler

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