Germany Removes Albania from List of Risk Areas

Germany Removes Albania from List of Risk Areas

TIRANA, May 10

Germany removed Albania from its COVID-19 risk list on Sunday, meaning travelers and tourists will no longer need to quarantine on their return. The announcement was made on Friday, May 8th, by the Robert Koch Institute. It stated that Albania, which had been a risk area anytime during the past ten days was no longer on that list.

The decision coincided with the start of the summer season in Albania. Even though Germany was not among the top tourism markets for Albania, a considerable number of German citizens chose Albania, especially guided tours and multi-day hikers in the northern region prior to the pandemic.

Germany classifies risk areas based on the results of a joint analysis and decision-making process by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Foreign Office, and the Federal Ministry of the
Interior, Building, and Community.
Other areas removed from the risk list are Malta, three regions in Finland, the Falkland Islands, and the county Rogaland in Norway.

Meanwhile, German citizens and travelers entering Albania from Germany are not required for proof of negative COVID-19 test or quarantine.


Photo: On the way to Gashi River by Abdulla Diku

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