How Can BPO Firms Improve Employees’ Work-Life Balance?

Home Outsourcing How Can BPO Firms Improve Employees’ Work-Life Balance?

A career in the BPO sector, no matter the role of this sector in a country’s economy, can have its ups and downs. The truth is that there’s no job that is completely stress-free. BPO firms offer many advantages to their employees and the work-life balance is a vital element to consider both by the employers and the employees.

The advantages and side-effects of working in call centers
Being a call center employee may be a good starting job or the only job options available. Despite the reasons why someone decides to work in a call center company, the sector offers various advantages:

It gives a chance to anyone with a basic skill set. This is a good point to start
Enhance intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, sheer communication skills
Work ethic
Emotional intelligence, phone empathy, relationship building, knowing when to be talkative and when to listen
Sales and management skills
Low work volume
Higher compensation
Central office locations
Equal opportunities
Rapid career growth
On-job training
Informal dress code
Flexible hours
Find discounted tickets, hotels, or products

Hearing problems
Sight problems
Spine conditions
Sitting for extended periods of time
Night shifts or difficult working hours
Monotonous tasks
Verbal aggression

The above-mentioned cons can be related to every type of job. There are various sectors where people work during the graveyard shift. Therefore, it is common for call centers to serve their clients on different time-zones during the night hours. Usually, the employees working the night shift are paid more. There are many call centers that invest in making their employees happier. On their part people working in the industry want to feel that they matter to the firm. Therefore, call centers include gyms in their facilities or offer training not-related to the job.
They engage in volunteering events or team activities.

People choose to work in call centers for various reasons. In most of the countries, the workforce working in the BPO sector is very young. They are mostly students or new graduates that need to support themselves economically. Call centers offer higher starting wages compared to other jobs. Even though a few can start a call center job with the purpose of a proper career path, it can be a great opportunity for career growth.