What Are the Top HR Challenges for the BPO Industry?

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While outsourcing is considered a strategic solution that provides startups and small companies all the help needed for managing various operations, the industry itself has its own daily challenges.

Companies operating in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector have a considerable number of employees. Therefore, one of the main challenges for the sector is human resources. BPOs. Many BPOs specialize in HR outsourcing for other sellers, but what about their own HR activities.

One of the reasons why companies all over the world decide to delegate operations such as customer care, market research, sales, or HR to a BPO partner is because the latter provides the needed workforce the required qualifications. Hence, the seller avoids all the tasks related to staff recruitment, training, and talent retention and the financial burden that they bring in for the company.

How do BPOs handle all these functions for different clients at the same time, while taking care that all the operations within the company run smoothly?

The HR department’s responsibilities in a BPO company go beyond recruitment and payroll. BPOs mostly deal with the repetitive, boring, and time-consuming tasks that sellers can’t afford to do in-house. Therefore, one of the tasks of the HR specialists is to make sure that all their employees are motivated and that the general atmosphere in the company happy. This is crucial for creating and promoting a positive culture within the company.

BPOs create the link between the seller and their customers. Their role is to build a great relationship between both sides. Managing hundreds of employees at the same time is one of the most difficult tasks for the HR department. Dedicated and positive HR specialists are able to establish great communication with the staff. Therefore, they can identify problems and address them through changes to internal policies or through the integration of new technologies that make the work process easier for everyone.

Training is a must in a BPO, for the new and old staff. Ongoing training is crucial to help the new recruits understand the way how the organization works and also its culture and values. In the meantime, older employees must receive continuous training in order to gain new skills and improve their career prospects within the organization. This would help with talent retention.

Talent retention
One of the HR tasks is to recruit new talent and keep them as much as they can. HR defines salary structures and employee benefits. Yet, people decide to leave a company for various reasons. The HR specialists have to make sure that all labor law policies are updated and that both the employment and exit processes are carried easily.

HR specialists are among the most valuable employees of a BPO. Along with the necessary workforce, they are key to a long and prosperous activity. Keep this in mind when looking for the next destination where to expand your BPO activity. Countries like Albania with a major number of students and graduates in social sciences, economics, and law are optimal for providing all the resources that you need.