What are the Top Outsourcing Destinations?

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You need a specific answer to a general question like this one. Like everything else, it depends on the context, your context. In the case of outsourcing destinations, the benefit is on the eye of the beholder. It depends on many factors, but the most important is the type of industry or service where your company operates.

Global market trends confirm that China is the best destination for the manufacturing industry. In the meantime, India has been leading as an outsourcing destination for IT services.

These are among the world’s largest and at the same time, long established markets for business process outsourcing. On the other hand, one of the reasons why specific countries are growing as outsourcing destinations is related to general perceptions. For many American companies, outsourcing is something that happens in India.

However, there are other outsourcing destinations that are not India, China, the Philippines, or Vietnam. Recently, a number of countries are surging as outsourcing destinations and also as competition for India, Brazil, or the Philippines. Although the rates of outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe and in the Balkans are higher compared to those in India, former are known for their high quality of work.

During the recent years, Eastern Europe and the Balkans have been rising as top outsource destinations and they seem to offer a promising future for the IT, automotive, call centers, data entry, finance and accounting services.

Poland and Ukraine rank among the world top IT outsourcing destinations. The industry is also growing in Bulgaria. Romania gained attention as software and automotive manufacturing destination, while Albania is known as a destination for call centers.

Advantages of Southeastern Europe countries

Language skills
No cultural gap
A high number of skilled developers
Little-to-no time zone difference
Access to talent
Affordable prices
Strong Educational background
Data protection