Advantages of Working in the BPO Industry

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Who hasn’t been through the ‘No work experience’ paradox? It also called the permission paradox.

In simple words, new graduates can’t find a job because they lack prior experience, and they can’t get experience because they can’t land a job.
What they can do to gain some experience and also include on a resume?
Volunteering experiences
Abroad training

All these are great experiences, but in the short term, they aren’t a source of income. Students and graduates need more than just a seasonal job to sustain themselves. This is where the BPO industry comes to help. The sector has been providing full and part-time employment to students all over the world.

In many cases, BPOs can even impact even the unemployment rate and domestic growth of a given economy. Besides this, the BPO industry provides additions to human capital through the ongoing acquisition of skills and knowledge.

The advantages of BPO jobs

A good starting wage
Call centers in many countries offer good starting salaries. In countries like India or alternative destination markets in Eastern Europe like Albania, BPO employees can get more than people working in other traditional jobs or in the public administration. The organizations offer initial paid training to new recruits that helps them understand the different work processes.

Reward and performance bonus
A great aspect for people working in the BPO sector is that they can even gain more than their own managers. Employees receive monthly financial recognition and performance rewards.

All call centers require basic or advanced skills depending on the service and industry they cover. Language proficiency and basic computer knowledge are required when applying for a call center job. Moreover, background education such as statistics, marketing, healthcare, and more is helpful for jobs that require a level of expertise.

On job training
Daily work in a call center can get repetitive, but the organizations make sure to provide ongoing focused training on different business functions. People working in sales are trained on how to improve their negotiating and communication skills.
Training opens opportunities for moving to a different position with a better salary.

Flexible hours, health and social insurance
Part-time BPO jobs are optimal for students that can choose their shifts based on their needs. Moreover, companies operating in this sector comply with the labor codes.