How to Get Started with Outsourcing?

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Jack of all trades, master of none

Often only two hands are not enough to get a lot of work done, but even eight hands wouldn’t be of much help because the mind can’t focus in eight different processes at the same time. Thus they would be useless.

Think about an enterprise like it was a multi-handed human that grows expensive branches and departments that with time may turn into high-cost choices. Any company can get into a confusing mess while what it really needs is just a hand from someone else.

No matter if you are a solopreneur or the head of a growing organization, if you insist to do everything by yourself you will get stuck and even lose your entrepreneurial mojo.
Remember that being a jack of all trades can really hurt your organization. Look for someone to delegate process that is dull and boring while you focus on the big picture.

Now you’re reading this article and this means that you are considering the idea of outsourcing a few processes. It sounds easy, everyone talks about outsourcing like it was a piece of cake. But if you find it complicated you may a need help to get started.

You ask what to outsource and you get confused. Why not asking the opposite. What not to outsource.

Make a list of the business processes that you would like to keep in-house. It’s interesting how the reasons for why to outsource and why not to or not to do it are almost the same such as cost and time.
Define what are the core business process that you would like to manage and develop in-house. The next step is to pick one process that you would like to delegate to an expert that would guarantee quality and efficiency.

Seek for a partner that would offer different perspectives for the optimization of the process and even question the way you have been working. This is a good thing. That’s what outsourcing companies do all the time and they have the necessary experience to provide different perspectives that guarantee the right solution. How many times did one of your employees say: You’re doing it wrong!

Start with a simple business process that needs an expert to do it. The most common outsourced processes are technical. Pick one if you are satisfied, delegate another process. Keep in mind to not outsource everything!