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When companies like Uber and Airbnb launched their services, they didn’t own any property or vehicle, yet they provided accommodation and transportation solutions to millions of people worldwide. Those founders, besides providing win-win situations to everyone involved, have also changed traditional, often outdated, business models. While they are outsourcing services and labor at the same time, hundreds of thousands of innovative companies around the world outsource their business processes.

It is smarter to scale and grow your company while delegating tedious business processes to experienced companies rather than trying to build in-house excellence for various skills. Outsourcing provides the commodity of accessing talent at a click of a finger. It reduces time and effort spend on continuous recruiting, training, and losing top performers to competitions. It hurts a company’s finances and team spirit.
In order to save all these costs and scale your company, you need to know what business processes can be outsourced.

Data Entry Services
This category includes all of the following data and even more:

Commerce Product
Insurance Claims
Billing and Invoice
Website Compilation
eBook Transcription
Email mining and customized list-making
YellowPages and WhitePages
Sales Contacts and Prospects
Image annotation
Real Estate
Business Transaction
Microsoft Office Data and Content Entry (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio & Pdf)
Software and Application
Online and Offline

IT Services

Web Development, hosting
Web design
Mobile apps/Software solutions
Digital marketing/SEO
Database management/help desk

HR processes

Talent Acquisition
Benefits Administration and remuneration
Talent management
Employee relations

Legal Processes

Legal research
Contract management
Document drafting, production, and review
Risk and compliance services
Legal accounting
Litigation support
Intellectual property services

Finance and accounting functions

Tax preparation
Financial reporting
Account payables/receivables.
Payroll processing
Bank reconciliation