Advantages of Outsourcing to a Different Time-Zone

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Back in November 2018, Elon Musk tweeted “There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.” Well, the man is going to put humans to March, thus, his expectations on hardworking can be different from what other businesses with less ambitious plans.

However, there are countless companies that despite the official work hours, run functions that require 24/7 availability in order to remain competitive both in the local and global markets.
They can either handle the high costs of running specific departments in-house or outsource those functions to a partner in another time zone.
Tech development, cloud computing, automation, and much more make it possible for businesses to avoid physical border limitations. Therefore, they can take advantage of outsourcing solutions.

The time-zone differences can be beneficial for many businesses.

Good time management is a major challenge in every company. Hence, many companies decide to outsource specific functions to partner businesses in different time-zones. This results in a suitable use of time and faster delivery. It means that a given business will have someone else working when the in-house team is not at work. It sounds and it can be more profitable for the company.
This strategy is optimal for functions that don’t require ongoing coordination with the seller.

Cost-saving and growth
When a company decides to outsource its customer service to a company operating in a different time zone, it makes sure that the customer base is handled 24/7. Customers’ behaviors are going through continuous change. Think about millennials. A millennial is a different type of customer. They are very knowledgeable, well informed, tech-savvy, and a huge market for every business especially headphones. In order to attract and to keep them satisfied, a great multi-channel communication service is needed.

In-house customer service can be very expensive to run compared to the services offered by an outsourcing partner company. On the other hand, it can raise opportunities for expanding into new markets.

Countless companies have outsourced their customer service to countries like India, the Philippines, or China during the last decades. However, for those looking for other options, an alternative market is emerging in Eastern Europe. The region offers technical talent, a young multilingual workforce, reduced risks, and a great life-work balance. Countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and many others are expected to turn into top destinations for the outsourcing industry in the near future.