Top Customer Service Languages a Global Business Needs

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Here are three different lists of foreign languages and none of them is about the Pope’s official Twitter accounts.

1. Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic
2. Mandarin, English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Hindi
3. English, German, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin

Customer service has a specific language that helps to build and maintain a great relationship between business and customers. Almost every person that uses a service has been through a time-consuming customer service conversation. Even though the type of person on the other side of the line, the employee has to know how to handle even the most difficult-stubborn client type.

People working in the service should have certain skills that they must have or master in order to keep customers happy. Conversations like people are not ever expected to be all the same. Employees working in the sector know-how persuasive one word can be and how to convince customers to take action. Great communication can help a business grow while handling a large base of customers.

Every business that wants to expand in larger markets has to think about gaining and keeping new customers. Finding new employees that can speak more than one language can be difficult and costly.

What to do? Maybe you should outsource

Back to lists, the third one is about the top five customer service languages that a growing business needs. Experience has shown that outsourcing customer service to third parties can really help a business. Call centers do not keep your clients satisfied, but they’re also a gate to new markets. What markets? It depends on your business plans and strategies.

The third list
The countries speaking English, German, Russian, Spanish, and Mandarin are also among the strongest markets and economies. Thus, every entrepreneur that plans to enter one of these markets should think about the new clients. Make your research and find an outsourcing partner that can help you expand.

Reasons why to outsource your customer service
A large volume of customer interaction
24 hours a day, seven days a week support
Cost reduction
Multi-channel support
Seasonal support for the peak season volume

The second list

This lists consists of the top ten languages to consider for businesses that aim to compete in global markets. Digital marketing, content translation, sectors with specific terms such as healthcare, finance, and law, IT, will require skilled language professionals. They will help to unlock business opportunities in potential markets.

What about the first list?

The first list is about the languages served by the Albanian BPO/KPO sector.
Albanians are among the most linguistically diverse peoples in Europe. Albanians speak an average of three foreign languages and those are languages that serve to business growth goals.