The reason behind Outsourcing Web & Software Development as well as Digital Marketing in Albania

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Why is it a good idea to choose to outsource in Body Rental in Albania?
web:in with its team made of professionals provide Body Rental in a very efficient way, they guarantee progress and stability in all the services they offer.
Our customers are under the care of specialized technical personnel who are experienced in Web and Software Development.

1. What does Body Rental mean?

Body Rental is an outsourcing method of hiring professionals, particularly in the IT field. Basically, it deals with the development of Web & Software projects and the development of IT systems.
Our team of Body Rental ensures that professional technical personnel offers services that are set for a particular point in time or even continuing services. We provide several services and we engage in different undertakings and projects using Body Rental in Albania.

2. When is it important to turn to the Body Rental formula?

The cases could be many but let’s try to take a look at the most common:
There are various situations in which this has to be done but we have listed below of few of the most common ones:

Demand Instability
In the ICT there are several situations in which there is a constant deficiency of continuity in demand and there are a large number of ordeals for the companies that are part of this sector.

Difficulty in recruiting
It is a common issue for our customers to be able to find and choose a specialized technical staff, and more often than not, taking under consideration the technology that is required there is a possibility of shortage in human resources in a particular area.

Management of work peaks
There are certain situations in which the workflow is above the average. Body Rental can offer a solution in these intense situations by giving Clients a chance to have their work done with a significantly lowered management cost. Thus, clients are quick to see results without the high cost.

Development of web and mobile apps in outsourcing
There are many complications in the process of building a development team as well as a lot of expenses.
There is no point in sleeping on the decision of digitalizing your business as it is a fruitful method and therefore our team develops web and mobile apps of high performance.
We build web-based software apps that aim to manage sales in “white label”, this way allows you to have ownership of the code.

3. The Perks of Body Rental

When it comes to a Remote Team in Body Rental, there is in a way an addition of your team. The availability of the resources is eight hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday, so basically it is the same as if they were in the office.
The pricing is fixed, as a matter of fact, 160 of work per month are changed per resource. And nonetheless, you can also benefit from different discounts.
The members of the staff are employed at our facility and they can become part of the Client’s team in no time. The formula offers certainty in the continuation of work and guarantees seriousness and professionalism.

4. Why makes our Body Rental innovative?

We are experts in web and mobile apps development. We build a professional outsource development team, even though we work remotely we have very advanced communication equipment and Agile development technology.

5. What technical figures do we cover?

We offer IT personnel Body Rental as:

6. Technologies

Frontend Web Development
We provide front-end development using the latest technologies such as: React, Angular, HTML, Blade from Laravel, Twig from Symfony, Ionic and Flutter for Mobile apps and most common libraries such as Bootstrap, Tailwind, Ant Design, and more.
The front-end for the apps and websites that are built by us has proved to be of high quality. We can convert graphics into dynamic code, with a perfect organization and always in accord with the top practices for UI and UX.
We create apps with experience with various types of APIs.

Back End Web Development
We provide front-end development using the latest technologies such as Core PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Code Igniter, NodeJS, Typescript, Express JS, .NET, Django Python’s framework, and more.
We are experienced in web applications in different kinds of projects and fields, enhanced databases, and relation to other platforms. Successful encounters with backend development that support mobile apps.

WordPress CMS Development
We deal with Word Press sites and graphics of different kinds. We can convert graphics into pixel-perfect front-end code which we can customize in dynamic WordPress themes. Our coding based on Word-Press meets high standards.

Magento Ecommerce Development
Our team can create e-commerce sites on Magento 1 and 2, front-end and back-end.
Custom modules, capability, and theme development. Custom APIs and webhooks.

Ecommerce Development in Shopify
Our team can build e-commerce sites without any previous work or assistance on Shopify, front-end, and back-and. Custom modules, capability, and theme development.

Mobile Development
Technologies we use: Native development (Android and IOS) in Kotlin, Java, Swift, Hybrid development in Flutter, React, Ionic and NodeJS typescript. We can build native and hybrid mobile applications. We can create all of it, starting with planning, graphics, and API.

Digital Marketing
When it comes to online marketing, we are in the field of our expertise. We can achieve the perfect SEO-optimized site, dealing with copywriting, on-page and, off-page SEO, Social Media Management, Pay per Click, and Lead Generation.

7. More about our “Body Rental” formula?

The workgroup that we create to provide all the services that we mentioned is in the service of the client. The workgroup is made up of two developers who work 8 hours a day, 5 days of the week, at which time they deal with the client’s projects. The monthly standard minimum working in total reaches 320 hours.
We take the responsibility for hiring the resources that are dedicated to the Customer’s Team as employees. Taxes’ payments, contributions, social and health insurance are covered by web:in development house, as well as the expected taxes by the Albanian law.
The working hours are 40 hours per week. On the daily, there are 8 working hours. The dedicated staff has the right to an hour break from 13:00 to 14:00.
Based on the situational needs, the client can request work beyond the fixed hours. This process should be requested officially by the Client through an official communication from the project managers who are to confirm beforehand the effects that this will have on the salary.
At the end of the extra hours, the number of hours concluded will be communicated.

8. Research and criteria of specialized technical personnel

We are constantly working on the research and criteria of the specialized technical personnel that will become part of the team: the resumes of the candidates are shared anonymously with the client and there is the possibility of interviews done via videoconferencing.


In case you have been looking for ways to recruit a web developer in Albania then your search has come to an end.
Contact us now so we can give you the push that your business needs.

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