What to Outsource, Back or Front Office Operations?

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Starting and growing a successful business from a startup to a well-established company requires more than just a great idea. Even though there’s no specific recipe for success, there are two categories of operations that are fundamental to every type of business. The front office and back office are common terms in the business world. They consist of operations that are or aren’t directly connected to the customers.

Both categories include a wide range of operations. Yet it doesn’t mean that every company runs those operations in-house. It would result in huge amounts of money spent only on employee benefits, office space, equipment, healthcare, and much more.
Secondly, finding and retaining talent is an ongoing challenge.

A high employee turnover rate can hurt the company and its culture.
There are many companies with strong retention strategies and it doesn’t mean that all of them are global leaders. These companies focus on engaging their employees through training and development programs. They have great ways to keep their high-performing staff around.
On the other hand, smaller companies with limited budgets that can’t afford to run all their business operations in-house decide to outsource.
They outsource both back and front office tasks.

Outsourcing front office functions
Every function that falls under the front office category is directly related to the customer. People working in this sector focus on finding, attracting, and retaining new customers. Given the direct connection with the customer, front office service create and keep the business good image and reputation.

Specific operations
Marketing and sales
Market research
Customer service
Appointment setting
Order processing
Technical support
Help desk
Debt collection

Back office functions

Back office operations require little skills but a lot of time. This is why they are considered tedious functions, yet necessary. Without them, a business can’t run smoothly. Such functions are mostly related to the administration sector.
They include:
Finance and accounting
Human Resources
Tax administration
IT services
Inventory management

Setting up a complete set of the front office and back office operations are crucial for a successful business. Thanks to technology development and outsourcing solutions every company can run these functions with the support of an outsourcing partner. Thus, the company will reduce its expenditures and get the necessary expertise while focusing on the in-house team.

What you should outsource depends on your business needs and specifics. If you have a large customer base to handle in different countries, you should opt for front office outsourcing. Delegate your sales and customer care to an experienced partner in Albania that operates in more than seven languages