How Outsourcing Helps Startups to Succeed

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Startups evolve through various stages and outsourcing is the strategy that can help the biggest transition from startup to scale up. Experience from hundreds of thousands of other startups has shown that those who fail to see or ignore an opportunity have difficulties to catch up with the competition. Yet, the reasons why so many startups don’t are countless.

Just think about what happens. Two or more people that have been in school together but never worked together or in any other place come up with an idea about a completely new product or services that no single customer knows about for a still nonexisting market.

The founders lack financial/legal knowledge while the startup has no HR or financial department. Even though these are not the elements that define the place of the product in the market, they can easily lead to failure. People will have to take care of marketing, sales, talent management, software development, customer support, and many other time-consuming tasks.

Taking care of everything at the same time is not the best option especially for small startups.
No matter how great your idea can be, if you fail to manage all the business functions and processes properly, you will lose focus on your goals. Keep in mind that even startups launched by big companies, who had all the experience and experts couldn’t succeed. This said, almost every new startup shares the same traits, lack of expertise, limited budget, and limited resources and focus.

This doesn’t mean, that you should work harder. Instead, you should work smarter. Find out what are the most important processes in your startup and focus on them. In the meantime, you should identify your weak points that also would drain your budget if done in-house and outsource them.
Then, when you start attracting customers, make sure to outsource customer services to a multichannel outsourcing company in Albania. The country offers a highly experienced BPO sector that serves companies located all over the world.

Afterward, you can outsource other functions such as software development or IT services to another vendor in Eastern Europe. This region of the world is the alternative market to traditional outsourcing destinations such as India, the Philippines, or China. It offers greater safety and responsibility, cultural affinity to western countries, and great communications.