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Marketing is one of the most important pillars of a successful business plan. It can create a diverse environment for product-customer relationship and for various innovative upcoming strategies. A lot of firms in the global market are now fabricating a new era of outsourcing their marketing services, for a series of reasons. Erik Huberman, a very successful marketing expert, explains the trend of outsourcing marketing services as important to reach fast business cycles. He emphasizes the focusing role of every company is what they’re experts of, and leaving everything they are not specialized in the hands of the best teams possible. Marketing is very expensive today, it takes a lot of time, energy, and special expertise to the product domain. However, by outsourcing the program to other specialized companies we ensure new and strategic partnerships with agencies that offer professional multiple channels.
Key factors to start outsourcing your marketing department

Huberman shed light on four specific benefits in outsourcing marketing operations to other third party specialists:

Financial cost
• It is cost efficient to not invest in creating an entire marketing department, where you may lack a lot of functionalities as not a field specialist, whereas hiring an outsource agency will reduce not only the salary costs of your employees but also their investment in human capital added value.
• Even after outsourcing your marketing department, you have full access to your data, learnings also, with no extra fees hidden.
• Time is money, so by giving to the specialists the tasks they know by hard you escape from hiring someone as an inside company employ.
• The main product team will gain a lot of experience from outsourcing agencies and encounter new opportunities.
Marketing Outsourced Activities

Different types of functions in the marketing field are maintained from outsourcing partners in offshore countries or other local third-party agencies within the state borders. Some of these services, published in the prestigious Harvard Business School magazine are:
• Management of the website
• Contact centers or call centers
• Management of databases
• Program management and email control
Program development
• Lead management
• Campaign of leadership development
• Integrated program design
Data analysis
• Performance analysis
• Brand and product analysis
• Consumer behavior
Customer experience
• Different customer experience management

Harvard Business School magazine explains also the most important factors in the whole process. They say that two are the most important reasons to go outsource, first, it can save money and improve product quality. One of the biggest delivery companies in the US, American Express, improved customer service and cut up to 30 percent of the cost per every customer by delivering call center operations in India. Second, by outsourcing firms and organizations can provide essential left-brain marketing professionalism. Customer database management and analysis of product management are the most important features of this second issue.

In conclusion, outsourcing marketing services is a big decision for every company, for it can go on very positive outfits, but it can turn into a serious problem if you collaborate with non-professional agencies. As long as you find some expert hands to carry on with partial services of your company, there will always be achievements and points of success. Field research encourages outsourcing for it has raised the revenues in firm budgets, especially when it covers services without technicalities as a major action.