Who Are Albania’s Top 10 Largest Employers?

Who Are Albania’s Top 10 Largest Employers?

TIRANA, October 28

It’s no news that Albania’s top ten employers represent call centers and footwear and textile manufacturers. According to data from the General Directorate of Taxation, five of Albania’s top ten employers are footwear and garment manufacturing companies, while two out of ten represent call centers. The list published by Scan TV included one private hospital as well as one mining company and one bank. The ten companies have a total of over 15,000 employees.

Call center companies in Albania offer over the average wages and require little to no experience with foreign language proficiency as the main skill needed. Flexible hours in call center jobs benefit many and especially students. The sector aims at expanding further by attracting Business Process Outsourcing services, thus providing jobs to qualified experts and maybe retaining youth from fleeing Albania.

On the other hand, the footwear and textile manufacturing sector have not been among the top sectors that generate employment in Albania but it ranked first in goods export. However, not all companies offer the same work conditions in terms of payment and job quality. The last year was not as good as the others for the footwear and textile sector that was hit by the fluctuation of Euro against the Albanian Lek.

List of ten largest employers:

Albania marketing service (Teleperformance) call center – 2,473 employees

Albaco Shoes, footwear manufacturing – 2,159 employees

Albacall, call center – 1,587 employees

American Hospital, healthcare, private hospital – 1,324 employees

Raiffeisen Bank Sh.A, second-tier bank – 1278 employees

Endi Shpk textile manufacturing – 1274 employees

AlbChrome, mining industry – 1,223 employees

Fital Shpk, textile manufacturing – 1,215 employees

Alba Shoes Group, footwear manufacturing – 1,202 employees

Remal, textile manufacturing – 1,172 employees

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Source: Scan TV

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