White label is when a manufacturer produces a certain product or clothing and then sells it to different retailers who then resell it under their own brand.

Surprisingly, the ‘white label’ term doesn’t have its origin from the garments industry or electronic products, but from the music industry, specifically with vinyl records. DJs and radio stations would often play music putting a white label on new artists’ records, in order to prevent competitors knowing the source of the music. Nowadays, the term has been applied everywhere from the electronics, clothing industry to marketing.

white label

Compared to private label clothing, where the retailer is the manufacturer of the product or clothing and sells it under their name, in ‘white label’ case the manufacturer takes little credit when the retailer puts in on the market. Using white label brands comes with many benefits, one of them being the fact that if the garment or product has issues the ‘blame’ doesn’t go to the brand itself but the manufacturer because the product and the manufacturer are the same.

Studies have revealed that leading brands manufacture only 8.8% of white label products. This is because of the excess of the supply, so besides the main original product, some big brands produce white label clothing and products too. They might not have as much success as the main brand but still contributes to the revenue and sales of the company.

It is common for companies to work for others who design, to help increase the clothing sales and revenue under their brand. This information is not something well known by the general public, who is often unaware that under such a brand is hidden a product manufactured by another company.

Other than apparel, common retailers of ‘white label’ products are the manufacturers of electronics, like: T.V. remotes, computer keyboards, radios, and many others.
Albania, does white label clothing (and white label shoe) manufacturing too, mainly for Italian brands, who then sell it in their stores in shopping malls.

Source: Godirek

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