Wholesale Clothing Suppliers


Wholesale is the activity of buying and selling goods in large quantities and therefore at cheaper prices, usually to shopkeepers who sell them to the public. For decades, European wholesalers (and retailers) are used to buy apparel from Asia. Currently, China and Bangladesh are the two biggest suppliers of clothing in Europe, according to Bloomberg.

But garments-industry executives say that’s going to change soon. A study made by McKinsey and Germany’s RWTH Aachen University said they expect more than half of the clothes they source, to come from neighboring countries in 2025. This means much of the production for As a matter of fact, the makers and suppliers of wholesale clothing have moved some of their production homes in order to increase control over supply chains. As Chinese labor wages are going up in recent years, Chinese garment companies are building factories in cheaper labor countries, like Ethiopia i.e.

The shipment of clothing from Asia takes at least 30 days to come to Europe, whereas if they are delivered from European countries only two weeks or less. So it’s likely that the buyers of wholesale market clothes, not just luxurious fashion brands, will buy garments from geographically closer countries soon.

Nowadays, many international clothing suppliers are offering e-commerce garments meaning that they distribute and supply clothing to retailers and wholesalers worldwide with just a click on their websites. This cuts down time dramatically and gives an opportunity to explore thousands of wholesalers in the world, and a variety of choices regarding the apparel industry.


The biggest wholesale clothing suppliers in the world right now

Q Clothing- is U.K.’s leading wholesale clothing company for men, women, and children and has been in the business for 50 years. This website has products at cheaper rates than other fashion websites.

Alanio U.K.- They are one of the leading manufacturers, distributors, designers as well as suppliers in the world of clothing, lifestyle clothing and fitness. They have a perfect understanding of clothing business and are well-known in the international clothing market of the U.K. They happen to be the optimum wholesale clothing manufacturer in the U.K.

Alibaba.com- can be considered as one of the best wholesale clothing distributors and suppliers, offering their services worldwide for millions of buyers. You can definitely earn more with them and never expect bad quality. They are reputed, and will never let their customers down.

Wholesale clothing suppliers

Brands Distribution- The Italy-based trendy wholesale clothing distributors launched in 2006, and now they supply wholesale clothing and fashion accessories in 170 countries according to their website, turning them in one of the world leaders in the fashion business. If you are registered with them, you will have access to the biggest collection of wholesale clothing meant for traders and also online retailers.

eFashion-They are B2B (business to business) marketplace based in Paris, France offering their services with more than 100k items from than 200 clothing wholesalers. They cater their services worldwide too.

Stock24– They are a leading wholesale clothing distributor in Germany. They have a wide collection of products and offer their services all over the world. You can expect the best price from them. They do have an online website, and you can order online as well. They accept all kinds of payment methods and have an excellent logistic wing.

Missi Clothing– has been in the apparel business since 2004. They have their showroom in Manchester, the U.K. This website caters to wholesalers worldwide. They also produce few clothes under their brand label.

Parisian– a leading online wholesaler in women’s fashion, has been serving wholesalers since 2002. All the apparels sold on this platform are manufactured in the U.K. and they offer free shipping to Europe for orders over €500.

Inter-Grosshandel GmbH– is one of the biggest online wholesale clothing portals in Germany. This website has been supplying high-quality and branded wholesale clothes since 2005. It has products from more than 100 brands and 70.000 products on display and has a global reach of more than 80 countries.

Wholesale Clothing suppliers

OrangeShine– is a wholesale marketplace where you can get trendy apparel at pocket-friendly prices. The aim of OrangeShine is to increase brand recognition and grow wholesale manufacturer’s product lines. Apart from buying products, you can also sell your items as well on the website. Tips and advice are also offered here to maximize your profits while exposing your brand to the world.

Spring Import- is a wholesale clothing distributor for women apparel. The supplier designs and develops famous and fashionable styles for the modern woman. In fact, the products from this supplier end up being trendy bestsellers every single month. This supplier manufacturers  products and sells them under private label brands. Apart from developing their own products, this store also imports wholesale clothing for retailers across the U.S.

Coco & Tashi– are a clothing supplier for women apparel based in Montreal, Canada. There is a wide range of women attire from tops to bottoms and tunics. They have fashion products that you can use to stock up your inventory as a retailer. The company is committed to providing a wide range of styles for all the style savvy and fashion conscious costumers. It is a one-stop shop for colorful outerwear and fashionable tops, from chic dresses to trendy casual wear.

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