Tomatoes, a Rising Star in Made in Albania Exports

Tomatoes, a Rising Star in Made in Albania Exports

TIRANA, September 26

Albania’s trade profile drafted by the World Trade Organizations (WTO) provides key insights about the most exported ‘Made in Albania’ products.
Based on WTO’s data, the top exported goods in 2018 consisted of manufacturers, fuels and mining products, and agricultural products. The profile confirms that Albania exported the highest dollar worth of footwear parts and tomatoes in 2018 compared to other commodities.
The value of tomato exports (fresh or chilled) during the previous year was $38 million. Meanwhile, the total value of exported commodities was $2.9 billion.

Top five exported agricultural products:
Tomatoes, fresh or chilled: $38 million
Plants and parts of plants: $22 million
Cucumbers and gherkins: $10 million
Other vegetables fresh or chilled: $ eight million
Other vegetables not frozen: $eight million

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The top exported products in the non-agricultural category are:
Parts of footwear: $227 million
Footwear, uppers of leather: $165 million
Men’s or boy’ suits: $117 million
Men’s or boy’s shirts: $48 million
Electrical energy: $47 million

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