Albania’s BPO Industry Has Potential to Enter UK Market

Albania’s BPO Industry Has Potential to Enter UK Market

TIRANA, February 18

‘Albania has great potential to be a successful outsourcing case in the UK market, especially in e-commerce, data entry, and ITO.’ This is one of the key findings of a market research report on the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry conducted by the Fiber group with the support of Risi Albania. Fiber is one of the largest BPO-s in Albania that focuses on providing inbound services, outbound solutions, and data entry.
The recently published “BPO Market Research and Trends UK and Albania’ is an attempt by the group to grasp the UK’s market behavior to be able to adapt its outsourcing practices in Albania based on the latest developments in the outsourcing industry.

According to the report, the United Kingdom has the largest BPO market in Europe, with a 2019 market size estimated at Pounds 17 billion. Recently, Albania has joined the list of the UK’s European outsourcing destinations. The list of the most popular destination includes Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria, while Albania doesn’t have yet a strong presence in the UK market, but it has growth potential. The report points out that so far, the British Embassy in Albania, the British Chamber of Commerce, and the UK Albania Tech Hub has been working to establish business ties between the two countries, especially in the BPO and ITO sectors.

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Being one of the first BPO market researchers conducted by a company based in Albania its goal is to identify and understand new market segments in the BPO sector, their weakest and strongest points, market trends and preferences, future developments, needs, and pains, etc.

Industries that outsource the most

Based on an internal analysis by Fiber the industries that outsource the most are
E-commerce – 3 percent of clients,
Healthcare – 30 percent of clients,
Food e-commerce – 18 percent of clients,
Technology – 11 percent of clients,
Rental services – 11 percent rental.

Meanwhile, the most outsourced services are customer care – 89 percent and outbound services – 11 percent.

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Some of the main UK’s BPO verticals and horizontal segmentations include healthcare, IT, E-commerce, insurance, and data entry.
Regarding the opportunities for matching those verticals and horizontals with the Albanian BPO industry, the report sounds optimistic. It stresses that e-commerce and healthcare were identified as the most demanded outsourced services in Albania, while customer care in healthcare and data entry has been part of the offered services.

“This is a good indication of Albania’s potential to serve in the UK market in the respective sectors. Having experience in these areas will make easier the transition and transference of services from the UK to Albania where already there has been an evident success not only in terms of outputs but outcomes too,” the report highlights.
Moreover, a considerable part of Albania’s workforce is young and well-educated would guarantee an easy and error-free execution of activities. On the other hand, the fact that finance is a common career choice would hold potential for insurance BPO services.

In terms of future growth, the report says that Albania’s growth as a BPO nation is owed to:
• A good management of the pandemic
• A young and skilled workforce
• Albania as a growing tech-hub
• Developing economy with low employee
• Top BPOs in Albania are Fiber,
Teleperfomance, IDS, AlbaCall, ASSIST

In the end, the report highlights the need to raise awareness to position the Albanian outsourcing industry in the UK and global markets market.

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Source: Risi Albania

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