What Products Will Albania Export to Saudi Arabia?

What Products Will Albania Export to Saudi Arabia?

TIRANA, September 6

Albania will export soon lambs and goat kids to Saudi Arabia. The Minister of Agriculture, Bledi Cuci welcomed the Arab delegation headed by the deputy minister of agriculture in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Saleh A. Alkhamshi, in a discussion for the trade collaboration between the two countries. The discussions focused mainly on the export of the living animals, lambs and goat kids, the export of fruit-vegetables, and the aquaculture products.  

The Albanian Minister of Agriculture, Bledi Cuci said that there was a history of exchange between the two countries, but it wasn’t enough. Now there are all the possibilities to increase co-operation, especially in the export of agricultural and farming productions. Farming and rural development are some of the key sectors in the Albanian economy. Cuci finished by saying that now we have all the capacities and now is the moment to intensify the trade reports.

The Arabian counterpart expressed a special interest in the expansion in Albania of the dates  market, a typical product of theirs, with high nutritious and curative values. For the implementation of this collaboration, especially for the start of exports of lambs and sheep kids from Albania to Saudi Arabia, was agreed initially the creation of a mutual commitment, for the recognition of halal goods’ certification procedures, and then it will be signed the agreement between the two respective ministries.


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