Albania Will Export Its Food Products to China

Albania Will Export Its Food Products to China

TIRANA, June 10

Soon China will be a new market for Albanian animal products. Albania and China have signed a memorandum regarding their collaboration about the import and export of food products and their safety. The deputy minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ermira  Gjeci signed the memo.

This memorandum paves the way to the export of animal products from Albania to China. The signing of the memo comes a few days after the visit of the minister of agriculture, Bledi Cuci in China to speak to the Chinese counterpart about the Protocol of Quarantine. Albania will start exporting towards China, products such as: milk, cheese, fish, honey, etc.

Both sides agree to negotiate and collaborate in regards to the procedure of inspection and quarantine, of food products covered by this memo, in accordance with their rights and obligations. Albania is interested to intensify the trade exchange with China, especially in the agriculture sector and the agro-processing industry.

News and Source and Photo Credit/ Scan T.V.

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