Lyhnidas Boat Tests new Ohrid Lake Tour Service

Lyhnidas Boat Tests new Ohrid Lake Tour Service

TIRANA, January 9

Named after the ancient name of Ohrid Lake, Lyhnidas ferry that will serve Pogradec – Lin – Tushemisht – Ohrid Town- Struga was launched on Wednesday on the lake.
The ferry has a capacity of 150 people and it’s the first one that will operate tour services from Pogradec to North Macedonia. The boat that was transported to the city of Pogradec in November under the former name of Tina Tours, completed its launch and sailing test successfully, local authorities confirmed.

The new cruise line that will sail along the coast of the lake is going to give a boost to cross-border tourism in Ohrid Lake Region.
Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Lake was extended in 2019 to the Albanian part of Ohrid Lake. It includes important sites like the landscape in Lin Peninsula and Lin village, Drilon, the landscape in the northern part of Lin, where the ancient Illyrian settlements are located.

The Lake Ohrid region, a mixed World Heritage property covering c. 94,729 ha, was first inscribed (North Macedonia) for its nature conservation values in 1979 and for its cultural heritage values a year later.
Ohrid Lake is the oldest lake in Europe. Its ecosystem is considered a nature center for the conservation of biodiversity and landscape and a habitat for endemic species of flora and fauna.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bashkia Pogradec

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