Over 1.5 million Koran Fingerlings Stocked into Ohrid Lake

Over 1.5 million Koran Fingerlings Stocked into Ohrid Lake

TIRANA, October 2

Starting next year, Lin village in Pogradec will celebrate the Koran Festival. It is expected to be a multi-day festival dedicated to the Ohrid Trout or Koran in Albanian. The event is going to take place during the week when Koran fingerlings will be stocked into the lake. So far in 2019, some 1.5 fingerlings were stocked into Ohrid Lake. This was announced on Wednesday by Major of Pogradec Ilir Xhakolli during a visit to the fish farming businesses in Lin village.

Koran in an endemic species in Ohrid Lake and its tributaries. However, overfishing and illegal fishing activities, and water pollution pose a threat to this endemic species.
Fish stocking helps to restore the population of the endangered Ohrid Trout.

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Photo credit/Source: Pogradec Municipality 

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