Balkan Film and Food Festival Kicks off in Pogradec

Balkan Film and Food Festival Kicks off in Pogradec

TIRANA, September 14

The tenth edition of the Balkan Film and Food Festival, an event that celebrates the Balkan culture and history through cinema, has started in Pogradec, eastern Albania. Around 50 movies, shorts, documentaries, animations, and long features, from ten Balkan Countries, will be screened for the public at the Open Air Cinema of Pogradec, for five days, starting from 19.00 each evening. Due to COVID-19 measures, all the activities will take place in the open. The festival aims at creating networking spaces between artists from the region.
Besides the movie screening, each country is represented with a variety of typical dishes.
This festival and many others like the Wine festival contribute economically to the city. Pogradec gets promoted while improving its tourism offer especially this year when almost all festivals and events have been postponed.

What to do in Pogradec?

Pogradec is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Albania due to the pleasant climate, the lakeside villages of Lin and Drilon, many archaeological sites, and exquisite cuisine, especially the Koran fish. Pogradec and its surroundings are perfect for relaxing laid back holidays, spiritual places, and outdoor exploration. Ohrid Lake is the oldest lake in Europe. Its ecosystem is considered a nature center for the conservation of biodiversity and landscape and a habitat for endemic species of flora and fauna. The Albanian part of the lake has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2019.

Get in a boat tour in Ohrid Lake
Explore Drilon and Tushemisht
Hiking and trekking to Guri i Kamjes
Discover local cuisine
Explore the Monumental Tombs of Selca and Mokra Region
Visit the village and the Basilica of Lin
Go on a road trip to Prespa Lakes

Source/Photo Credit: Balkan Film and Food Festival

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