Applications Open for Creative Economy Grants, Hurry Up!

Applications Open for Creative Economy Grants, Hurry Up!

TIRANA, August 21

The craftwork remains value in the economy of a country, which based in tradition and history, gives a new dimension to the development of the trade of these products, within the country and abroad. In this framework, to return and develop further this sector, with so much potential that Albania has, the government has approved two years ago, the establishment of the Creative Economy Fund, in support of the craftwork business.

The aim of this Fund is the development of the handicraft in Albania, creating a suitable environment for more sustainable activities and the creation of new jobs. The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), announces that the Albanian government has planned for years, 2017-2019, a fund of Lek30 million.

The Creative Economy Fund is established to help the micro and small enterprises, that practice their activity in the craftwork sector. The projects that are selected from the craftwork sector cover the fields below:

·      Development of new products

·      Purchase of equipment for boosting the production

·      Marketing of the product

·      Qualification and the managerial capacity building of applicant enterprise

AIDA announces that the deadline for the enterprises to apply is until 1 November 2019, to profit from this fund, which offers a subsidy for expenses that have to do with approved activities, based on the division of expenses.


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