AIDA provides funds for handicraft projects

AIDA provides funds for handicraft projects

Tirana, Albania
17 March, 2016

The Albanian Investment and Development Agency will finance artisan handicraft projects as an effort to develop the creative economy. According to the agency, the approved budget for this sector for 2016 reaches ALL 10 million and will finance micro and small handicraft businesses. The artisan handicraft sector self-employees many Albanian women with basic education.

The projects that will be financed should be focused in the creation of new products, in the purchase of equipment for a more efficient production process and in promoting these products to the clients.

The artisan and handicraft sector in Albania is a promising sector for the self-employment of women who live in rural areas of the country. The development of this sector will increase the number of employed people and will create a new economic alternative for many people. The costs of new handicraft projects will be co-financed by the AIDA fund and by the project’s owner.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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