Albanians, Top Global Consumers of Table Olives

Albanians, Top Global Consumers of Table Olives

TIRANA, August 3

Albanian produced 98,313 tons of olive in 2019, official data from the agriculture sector confirmed. A year-over-year comparison shows that the numbers fall behind compared to 2018 when olive production reached 117,573 tons or nine percent more than in 2017.
In the meantime, olive oil production in 2019 was 20,038. Only 174 tons of olive oil were exported in 2019. On the other hand, imports of the same product were 1,381 tons.

The three highest olive producing regions in Albania during 2019 were:
Berat – 38,000 tons
Fier – 33,000 tons
Vlora – 17,000 tons

According to INSTAT, the olive trees in Albania are classified in 79 percent for olive oil and 21 percent for table olives.
Albania has 12 million olive trees in production, but depending on the fact that olives tend naturally to bear fruit every other year, only half of them or six million produce.
Therefore, only six million trees are counted annually to bear fruit. Olive cultivation and olive oil production are based on family farms.

Albanian authorities also showed a list of risk management mechanisms in the olive sector. The list ranks different types of risks but does not mention climate change. Climate change is having a toll on olive production in the Mediterranean region.

During the last olive season, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal were the top four olive oil producers in the European Union (EU).
Spain – 1,116,171 tons
Italy – 361,145 tons
Greece – 262,570 tons
Portugal – 130,000 tons

Albania holds the record for table global table olive consumption per capita

However, Albania and Syria that led the way in global table olive consumption per capita in 2019, with the two Mediterranean nations consuming 10.8 and 10.1 kilograms per person each year, respectively.
Meanwhile, the annual per capita consumption of olive oil in Albania in 2018 increased to five liters. This is the highest level among the non-European Union member countries.


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Photo credit: Vaj Ulliri Borshi

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