Where to Find Olive Oil in Albania

Where to Find Olive Oil in Albania

TIRANA, November 12

There are more than 12 million olive trees in Albania. More than ten percent of those trees are aged 1,000-3,000 years 

Olive oil or the ‘liquid gold’ as it was called by Homer, is the most valuable component of the Mediterranean diet. November is the best time of the year to find high-quality olive oil in Albania. Products labeled as extra virgin Olive oil are available in every store, but the sad truth is that in many cases, the buyer won’t get the quality he’s paying for. Instead, one of the ways for finding an excellent product is to go and buy directly at olive oil processing plants. These facilities located almost in every major olive production region start their engines in autumn as small and big olive farmers begin harvesting their fruit. Olive oil specialists say that processing plants are best places where to look for a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Olive oil albania

Olives and Tourism
An interesting fact about the olive trees is that they can be older than 3,000 years. Just imagine that around 1,000 BC, when the Phoenician Alphabet was invented, an olive tree that is still producing fruit, was planted in Tujan, Tirana. There are more than 12 million olive trees in Albania. More than ten percent of those trees are aged 1,000-3,000 years old. Experts have noticed a link between old Illyrian castles and millennium-old olive trees. There are 53 villages in Albania located near or around ancient castles. In Tirana, you can find those trees near the castles of Tujan, Preza, Ndroqi, Petrela, Persqopi, Tufina, Brar. Linza and Lanabregas. These destinations have the potential for the creation of tours that mix history and agrotourism. In the meantime, other major regions that produce olive oil are Berat, Vlora, and the Southern Riviera. All these are mature tourists destinations, yet olive tours can provide an additional experience.

Extra virgin Olive oil Albania

Where to Find Olive Oil Processing Plants


Subashi, Marikaj
Shkalla, Lundra
Tre Miqte, Ndroq
Borneo Plant in Zall Herr
Ivap in Petrela


Amel Plant
Valmi Olive Oil Plant in Shirgjan
Elezi Olive oil in Cerraga
Olive oil Belsh


Mallakastra Olive Oil
Kapllani Plant
Toro plant in Krujan


Musai Olive Oil, Skrofotina
Gjikondi, Qeparo
Borshi Olive Oil
Dukati Plant in Orikum
Nena Farm in Lukova


Iliazi Olive Oil Plant


Gega Farm
Vellezerit Goxha Konispol


Mehmet Sina
Nezha Plant in Kosove e Vogel
Dervishi Plant


Pieralisi Plant in Drobonik
Cuedari Plant
Bujari Plant in Cukalat
Kooperativa Berat
Xhema Plant
Gjozi Plant
Malasi Olive oil


Skenderaj Plant in Bregas


Genci Plant

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