Albanian Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Albanian Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

TIRANA, December 24

Gift baskets are common gifts in Albania during the holiday season. However, they often consist of imported products such as wine, cheese, sweets, and other knickknacks, not to forget the amount of plastic that goes into wrapping them. On the other hand, there are endless options of Albanian local products that can be used for a thoughtful gift basket. Here are some suggestions that benefit local producers while guaranteeing a good gift for all types of budgets.

Food Selection

Albanian Extra virgin olive oil, Nena Farm Lukova
NenaFarm Lukova, Albanian fxtra virgin olive oil,

Food products: Extra virgin olive oil from the centennial Kaliniot olives of Lukova, strawberry Tree Honey from Permet, cherry or your favorite Compote from Dibra, Cured meat from Pogradec, one or two bottles of Albanian Wine, cheese from Kelmendi, dry tomatoes, figs, and walnuts, dry porcini mushrooms from Puka, tea, frozen blueberries/strawberries from Kuksi, Puka, or Tropoja, saffron from Dumreja or Nivica, one bottle raki/grappa, a packet of Trahana, Kole from Permeti, jam, spices, and herbs.

Textile Selection

Tablecloth sets Zadrima style
Tablecloth set from Zadrima: Credit: Artistike Zadrima

Textile products: Handwoven silk scarfs or pieces of clothing, miniature folk dolls, qeleshe or other pieces of woolwork, flutes, handmade carpets, rugs, and kilims, tablecloth and napkin sets, handmade jewelry holder, laptop case, upholstery, decorative pillow covers, handmade baby carrier wraps, tote bags, etc.

Woodwork and pottery: handmade lahuta or cifteli, personalized wood burned portraits or special dedications, wood carvings, handmade wood kitchen utensil, wood figurines such as National Hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu, eagles, national symbols, jewelry boxes, ceramic coffee, teapots, and tea sets, vases, piggy banks, decorations. Vorba is a unique piece of cookware from Puka.

Jewelry and filigree

filigree figurine
Xhubleta filigree figurine, credit: Margjelo Filigran Albania

The fine craft of filigree work is still preserved in the city of Shkodra and other Albanian cities. Many artisans can be found in local fairs, but their products are also available online. You can search for ‘filigran’ and various options will pop up.

Personal care products

Handmade soap
Handmade soap and ceramic, Credit: ZaDream

Artisan cosmetics gained a lot of popularity in Albania. Common options include soaps, candles, body lotions, hair and skin-care products, fragrances, etc.

This is just a small fraction of the endless list of Albanian products. They can be found all over the country in shops dedicated to local products or online.

Don’t forget about special products like those by Made in Prison.

What would you include in your gift basket?

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