Women Drivers Rule Roads in this County

Women Drivers Rule Roads in this County

TIRANA, August 13

Driving the car nowadays is not only a privilege for men. The personal vehicle is a necessity and an important mean of transportation for both genders. But do you know which county of Albania gave more drivers’ licenses to women? Surprisingly, that county is not Tirana. In fact, Tirana was listed third in 2018 for granting drivers’ licenses to women.

In the first place is ranked Durres county, which is the county with the highest number of driver’s licenses given to women in rapport with the population. According to data in 2018, in Durres county, there were equipped with drivers’ licenses 22 women for every 1000 women. In second place is Lezha county, 19 women were granted with drivers’ licenses out of 1000 women, followed by Tirana (17 per 1000 women), Shkodra (16 per 1000 women) and Elbasan (12 per 1000 women).

Then, the counties of Vlora, Berati and Kukes follow, where for every 1000 women were granted with drivers’ licenses 10 women respectively, Dibra (9 out of 1000 women), Fier and Gjirokastra (8 out 1000 women both). The last county, with the lowest number of drivers’ licenses given to women, is Korca. In total, in Albania were granted 20.051 drivers’ licenses for women in 2018, compared to 19.444 that were granted in 2017.

But the gap between women and men, that are equipped with driver’s licenses remains still high. According to INSTAT, in 2018, in the Republic of Albania 48.607 men were granted with drivers’ licenses, compared to 49.651 in 2017. This means that it is more than double the number of men who earned a driver’s license in 2018, compared to women.

Source/ Monitor.al

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