Higher Taxes for High-Emitting Vehicles, New Measure to Be Approved

Higher Taxes for High-Emitting Vehicles, New Measure to Be Approved

TIRANA, July 3

The government will change the taxation politics regarding cars, according to it,  depending on how powerful is your car, you will get to pay more. Referred to an official document, there will be an exclusion for hybrid or electric cars, and for those that belong to the category Euro 4 or 5. This is another way by urging people to buy these type of cars, that release less pollution in the air.

In the document it says that the review of the actual system of taxes for cars in Albania, such as: the tax application for all cars regardless of their seniority, but in proportion with the level of technology (cylinders and the size of the engine) and the level of gas releases from the car  in the environment. Therefore, the taxes will be higher, for those cars that have bigger emissions in the air.

This is suggested as a measure in the middle-term, and that requires at least the engagement of three ministries in order to come to be approved (the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the Ministry of Finance and Economy). To encourage the people to use cars that emit lesser polluting gases into the environment it is needed the collaboration with the local power too, where it is required to the city halls to install the power wires for electric cars.

Also, it will be requested the renovation of vehicles used for urban transportation, city cleaning machines, and some other categories. In order to have a reduction of the air pollution in the document, it is required for the authorities to work on the increase of the distribution of low impact filling stations (like GLN and methane). Also, to provide the fuel with low sulfur content and with high-quality (on level MS) and to be used on all of the transportation vehicles.

This will go hand in hand with the higher control in regards with the verification of testing the emissions from the cars, buses, and other vehicles in order to restrain and reduce the emissions of polluting gases in the air.

Source/ Monitor.al

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