Albania, Best Country in the World for Emissions from Electric Cars

Albania, Best Country in the World for Emissions from Electric Cars

TIRANA, November 8

Electric vehicles are seen worldwide as the solution to gas emission cut and global warming reductions. However, an electric car is as clean as its source of electricity. This fact makes Albania and a few other countries around the world that rely 100 percent on renewable energy the best places for driving an electric vehicle. A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan confirmed that indirect emission from electric cars vary from one country to another.
The researchers analyzed the power grids of 141 countries and estimated the equivalent greenhouse gasses electric cars emit per mile based on the in the national power grid. The findings confirmed that the countries with the more fossil fuels in their power grid resulted in the higher emissions.
Albania, Paraguay, Nepal, and Ethiopia are counties where hydroelectric dams built on rivers power the grid. These are the countries with the lowest indirect emission of gasses from electric vehicles.

“On one extreme is Albania,  which generates 100% of its electricity from hydroelectric power) with 5,100.0 MPGghg (0.05 L/100 km); on the other extreme are Botswana and Gibraltar (which generate 100% of their electricity from coal and oil), each with 29.0 MPGghg (8.1 L/100 km),” the findings of the survey confirm.
Researcher Michael Sivak said that among the five human sources of greenhouse gas emissions, only emissions from industry exceed the transport sector.
Based on the above-mentioned data, electric vehicles can fulfill their potential in Albania.
Currently, capital city Tirana aims at introducing electric vehicles in public transport. So far, a taxi company with electric cabs has obtained an operating license. Meanwhile, the electric buses are being tested in Kombinat-Kinostudio urban line. The future perspective of the city is to lead the way into electro-mobility.

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