Albania, One of the Few Countries 100% Reliant on Renewable Energy

Albania, One of the Few Countries 100% Reliant on Renewable Energy

TIRANA, October 20

Albania is one of the few countries around the world that are 100 percent reliant on renewable energy. Albania depends on hydropower for electricity generation. A recent map published by Go Compare also confirms this fact. The map shows how much do countries depend on fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewables. Despite the climate change issue and the pressure of international conventions, about 67 percent of the countries produce their power from fossil fuel.
There are only 14 countries that depend completely on fossil fuels and most of them are countries with large oil reserves.
Only seven countries in the world rely on renewables as the only source of their power. Iceland mostly uses its geothermal power. Moreover, Albania, Ethiopia, and Zambia use hydropower. Meanwhile, Norway, which is the largest oil exporter in the European Union, relies only two percent on fossil fuels and 98percent on renewables.
In the meantime, there are 30 countries that get power from nuclear plants and 19 are found in Europe. France produces 74percent of its energy from nuclear plants while Belgium, Slovakia, and Hungary get 50 percent of their electric energy from nuclear sources.
Albania has the potential for developing new thermal, wind and solar capacities. On the other hand, the construction of new hydropower plants in some area was opposed by the Albanian citizens, environmentalists, artists, and even foreigners. The construction of Hydro Power Plants in the area of Valbona in the northern Alps and Vjosa River in southern Albania spurred several protests.

News Source: Go Compare, Monitor

Photo Credit: Go Compare

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