Voskopoja Declared Historic Ensmble

Voskopoja Declared Historic Ensmble

TIRANA, January 30

The small village of Voskopoja was declared Historic Ensemble based on a decision adopted by the Albanian Council of Ministers on Wednesday.
Voskopoja is located between Gora and Opari, 20 km away from Korca. The village is surrounded by high hills covered in fern vegetation. The village is known for its healing climate, landscape, and cultural heritage.



Voskopoja had 24 churches with beautiful frescos, but only seven survived till day. Voskopoja used to be a center of trade and culture. It has its own printing press, the second in the region after the printing press of Constantinople. The printing press helped with the social and intellectual development of the area. Voskopoja had the Academy, a library, artworks by David Selenica, Kavalioti, and Grigori.
The area still preserves its traditions, wool processing, and woodwork skills.
Local cuisine is a special attraction to visitors and tourists, yet the best suggestion is to eat in a natural setting. Take pies, meat, buns and organize a picnic.
Local festivals include June 24, the feast of Saint Prodhoni Monastery, the Summer Day, etc.

Voskopoja is part of the 100 villages program. Find out what are the ‘100 Villages’ part of the rural development program.

What to do in Voskopoja

Voskopoja in winter
Voskopoja in winter, credit: Voskopoja jone

Visit local churches and monasteries
Hiking and trekking
Horse riding

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Source: Prime Minister’s Office

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