Vogue Australia Invites Its Readers to Visit Shkodra

Vogue Australia Invites Its Readers to Visit Shkodra

TIRANA, July 15
Vogue Australia, on an article posted today on its website, invites Australians to explore the northern city of Shkodra, in Albania. The article titled ‘10 reasons why central and Eastern Europe is having a moment’ lists 10 countries and cities of the Balkans and central Europ and what to do while where.

In one of these 10 cities is included Shkodra too. The fashion and lifestyle magazine says that why Albania, and particularly the city of Shkodra is worth visiting: “Admittedly, Albania has a tumultuous and violent past. But instead of ignoring this dark chapter in history, the country’s second-largest city has developed inspiring, larger-than-life art installations from the very war artillery that once ravaged the country. Namely, thousands upon thousands of bona fide bombshells form the foundation of eye-catching pavilions and artsy lamp posts throughout the city center”.

In the article, other cites mentioned are among others, Budapest in Hungary, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Skopje in Macedonia, among others.

Source and Photo Credit/ Vogue Australia

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