French Media Calls Albania “a Tourist Treasure”.

French Media Calls Albania “a Tourist Treasure”.


“Albania is a paradise for the passionate of archaeology, as a historic mosaic”, writes the French newspaper ‘20 minutes’.“The visit to Butrint, located near the city of Shkodra, takes you back in time. This small harbor, that connects with the island of Corfu, offers the view of a temple, an odd amphitheater placed in the crest of a hill with a spectacular horizon”- the article continues.

According to this publication, Albania, besides the southern shoreline and ancient miracles, is covered on two-thirds of its area with forests, meadows, and mountains. Nature is still ‘enjoying’ its full rights, regarding the variety of wild animals, that cohabitate in harmony with its natural reservoirs.

In addition to the description of nature, advertising is done to the main cities of the country ending with Tirana and the most interesting places to visit.

Traditional foods, main local dishes, desserts, and drinks are detailed accurately. The article closes with some practical details regarding the transportation in Albania, the kind of food that tourists will find, some issues that they might encounter and with the costs of living in general.

News Source: ‘20 minutes’


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