Tirana is the Main City for Foreign Investments

Tirana is the Main City for Foreign Investments

TIRANA, June 17

Tirana is the main destination for foreign investors and businesses that choose to expand their activity in Albania. Data from the City Hall of Tirana, show that 6259 subjects with foreign or joint ownership that currently function in Albania, 4185 of them are based in the capital city. The figures belong to the year 2018, whereas if we make an analysis of the last 6 years, it seems that it has been an oscillation of the foreign enterprises that have been active in Tirana.

2013 was the year that marked the lowest figure of foreign or joint activities with Albanian partners, registered in Tirana, with a total of 3097, compared to 2018 with 4185 activities. If we compare with the year 2017 there are 954 more businesses.

But their concentration in the capital city is not a coincidence, because the high number of residents, services, consume or closeness with the ports and the airport or other public institutions are some of the main reasons that make the foreign investors to base their activity in Tirana, regardless of the high costs of the rents.

Source/ Scan T.V.

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