INSTAT: More Than 50% of Foreign Investments Are Greek and Italian

INSTAT: More Than 50% of Foreign Investments Are Greek and Italian

TIRANA, June 6

On a latest report released on June 3rd for the press, the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) shows that the foreign investments in Albania during 2018, whether owned only by a foreigner or in joint enterprise with Albanian partners, 45.6 % of them are with Italian investors, followed by Greek investors (7.2%). Together they represent 52.8% of foreign investments in Albania.

According to the statistics, enterprises by a foreigner owner or foreigner with Albanian partners covered 3.8 % of total active enterprises and employ 9.6 % of total labor. Enterprises from European countries represent 64.8 % of total foreign and joint enterprises.

Economic activity such as: management consultancy and wholesale trade activities are mainly with foreigner owners or co-owners. Municipalities Tirana and Durrës counted 77.1 % of total foreign and joint enterprises.

foreign investmenets in Albania
Percentage of foreign or joint enterprises (Albanian with  foreign partners) during 2018

Current economy structure

Albanian economy is focused mainly on trade economy, which in 2018 represented 23.2 % of total industries. Trade activities are followed on the second place by the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries.

Also, approximately 89.4 % of enterprises are made of 1-4 people employed and their contribution to total employment is 26.4 %, meaning that the Albanian economy is focused on micro-enterprises. Whereas, big enterprises with 50 or more people employed represent only 1.2 % of total enterprises and their contribution to employment in 2018 was 48.1 %.

Again Tirana, the capital city is where the biggest number of enterprises are concentrated (33.4%), followed by Fier (12.8%).

Albanian economy
Types of enterprises and their partnership with EU and non-EU countries

Women entrepreneurs

In 2018, women as owners /administrators cover 25.7% of total enterprises. The concentration of women as entrepreneurs is higher in trade activity with 39.2 %. The highest percentage of enterprises managed by women is in the prefecture of Tirana with 41.4 %.

Enterprises lead by women are mainly micro-enterprises with 1-4 individuals employed and represent 91.2 % of this group. However, almost 20% of big enterprises (19.6%), with 50 or more people employed are managed or owned by women.

women in Albanian economy
Percentage of women vs men as entrepreneurs in main counties

Source and Photo Credit/ INSTAT

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