MurAl Fest 2019, New Portraits overlook Tirana

MurAl Fest 2019, New Portraits overlook Tirana

TIRANA, June 14

‘When Walls Speak was the theme’ of the urban art festival that is transforming urban architecture in Tirana into building-sized pieces of visual storytelling.
The second edition of MurAl Fest Tirana, an international public festival that celebrates creativity the democratization of urban art was concluded in the Albanian capital city. The festival that took place on 1-8 June brought together 18 street artists from Albania, Italy, France, Argentina, Greece, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, England, the US, Poland, and Uruguay. The festival aims at giving continuity to images that express the social human values, and by respecting the multicultural identity of the artists and that has for the main protagonist the capital city.

Mural festival
For the stray dogs of Tirana by Mots from Portugal and Poland

“The mural we did during Mural Fest Tirana is dedicated to the stray dogs of the city. The problem of homeless animals is very visible in Albania, on the one hand, a big population of dogs in the streets, on the other controlled breed puppies in pet shops for sale.
The posture of the dog for us is monumental, a bit like all the statues of the political heroes. We wanted to make them more visible, more important and our goal was to bring more attention to the significance of adoption.
The colors we have chosen are corresponding to the place where the wall is situated. Surrounded by trees, one of the main streets of Tirana – Myslym Shyri, gave us the awesome context for the mural and it influenced the tones of colors we decided to use,” Mots 


Mural Fest tirana
La dama Submarina by TMX
Mural fest 2019

Freedom is Nulo’s main motivation when painting, thus the artist believes that everyone can paint.

Mural Fest 2019
Stinkfish from Colombia
Mural fest 2019
Solo and Diamond from Italy
Mural fest 2019
Dimitris Taxis from Greece
Mural Fest 2019
Mabel Vincent from Argentina
Mural fest 2019
Nemo from Italy
Mural Fest 2019
Ardit Borici from Albania
Mural fest 2019
Clothespin by Sizmikazot from France

The MurAl Fest 2019 was supported by the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with the Embassy of Romania in Albania, the Alliance Française, and the Italian Institute of Culture.

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Photo Credit: Dekor Tirana

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