This is the Average Household Size in Tirana

This is the Average Household Size in Tirana

TIRANA, August 19

The number of individuals that created families in the capital of Albania, Tirana has grown year after year. According to official data by the City Hall of Tirana, during 2018, the number of families was approximately 288.325, and it results that most of the families consist of 3 people.

This comes as a result of the household income, the insecurity about the future, orientation towards the career, but as well because of the high prices in real estate. From 2013 until 2018, in Tirana, there were 72.677 new families. The figure is related directly to the number of marriages and divorces in the capital city. During the years that are registered a rise of marriages, there is a decrease of divorces.

For instance, in 2018 there were around 1691 divorces, decreasing by 2.37% compared to a year before, whereas the number of marriages increased by 2.27%, with new 4406 marriages. Meanwhile, the population of Tirana is in constant growth each year. According to a report by Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) titled ‘Albania in figures, 2018’ in 1 January 2019, in Tirana county was concentrated 31.3% of the total population of Albania, continuing to be the most populous county and city in the country, followed by Fier (10.3%), Durres (10.1%), and Elbasan (9.6%).

Source/, INSTAT

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